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Women In Love: The Italian Project Against Female Genital Mutilation Coming to MoreNFT Platform

From December 2nd to 23rd, in the heart of Venice, the NFT video art exhibition “Women in Love” took place. The project stems from an idea by Benedetta Paravia, a versatile creator loved not only for her artistic talents but also for her humanitarian commitment, especially in the United Arab Emirates.

As Vice President of the NGO A.N.G.E.L.S., Benedetta had previously sponsored philanthropic initiatives, receiving support and help from institutions and major international recognition. With Women in Love, she confirms her commitment to the weakest, reviving a project that was conceived years ago and never abandoned.

Women in Love: The NFT Project

This initiative aims to raise public awareness about a violence that tramples the rights of women, that is female genital mutilation. Inhuman practices, still committed today on millions of girls and women worldwide, even in Italy. The numbers are staggering: between victims already tortured and at-risk girls, it is estimated that there are almost 130 million women of various ages.

The project was coordinated by the director of photography Daniele Pedone, who has previously worked with great names like Testino and Lindbergh. “Women in Love” has already received important institutional sponsorships. Involved are the Department for Equal Opportunities, the Ministry of Culture and the City of Venice, which hosts the exhibition.

[Women in Love is also sponsored by important names such as Yamamay, Re d’Italia Art, Mandrarossa, and Leblon.]

The Women in Love project wants to focus public attention on these sad issues and does so in an impactful, almost shocking way.

NFT, the art of the future

The NFTs that are the focus of the exhibition at Palazzo Bembo, a historic building overlooking the Grand Canal, depict the seven volunteer models involved in the initiative, captured in the moment of orgasm. The intensity of female pleasure is associated with the strength of Nature in the background, which manifests its full power in response to the cruelty of mutilations, which in fact strip victims of their intimacy.

The NFTs at the center of the project will be uploaded to the MoreNFT platform at the end of the Venetian exhibition, and each will be auctioned. Women in Love represents the first More Original project.

More Originals are projects born from the collaboration between MoreNFT with icons, brands, and artists. These collections are supervised by MoreNFT, which oversees the project from all points of view (strategic, technical, commercial, and consultancy). Involving the company’s expertise and assets to optimize the launch and support the specific project in its future evolution.

This initiative sees the synergy between Paravia‘s work and the creative staff of More Original. The NFTs confirm that they are the future of art, and this project wants to be the demonstration: a new way of spreading and administering unique and non-fungible art globally.

The proceeds will be invested in various humanitarian projects. There is talk of operations to restore physical integrity to MGF victims, but also of informative campaigns on major social networks to raise awareness of the problem.

The project has already received an important award. In fact, last October, Paravia received the Best Project 2022 for Women Empowerment award at the House of Lords in London. This award is particularly significant as it is accompanied by a royal decree signed by Queen Elizabeth shortly before her passing.

Women in Love will soon be available on the MoreNF platform.




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