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What is WMW3: The turning point in Web3 for artists

If you are an artist, you will definitely be interested in finding out what the WMW3 program is and why you absolutely have to choose this solution. And by artist, of course, we mean any type of creator, digital or not, who has something original to offer the market, their customers and their fanbase.

What is WMW3?

#WMW3, With Me in Web3, is indeed the program created by MoreNFT that addresses artists who want to start approaching the Web3 market in the best possible way. That is, with the support of industry experts who make their know-how and technologies available to make the artist’s entry into this new world simple and profitable.

Auctioning works as NFTs

In short, WMW3 allows artists, newcomers to this sector, to work in Web3. How? By auctioning off 10 of the artist’s masterpieces, or their most established works, as NFTs.

These NFTs will be the first artworks certified through the blockchain and will form the community of governance for all Web3 activities of artists.

The advantages of #WMW3: not just NFTs and Web3

This will not only allow artists to monetize, but also to retain their community: in fact, those who will purchase the digital works (that is, the owners of #WMW3 NFTs) will not only have the honor of owning the artist’s first NFT, but will also benefit from additional utilities to collaborate directly with the creators who have decided to support them. In short, an opportunity for the artist but also for its community that will be able to enjoy, by purchasing an NFT, benefits such as:

  • private Discord room with the artist and all #WMW3 NFT owners, where they will interact directly and discuss all future initiatives,
  • exclusive spoilers on all future Web3 activities;
  • special giveaways proposed by the artist;
  • but also redistributing royalties on future creator NFTs.

In short, a system of automatic redistribution of a portion of the creator’s revenue: in fact, financing the artist by acquiring a #WMW3 NFT, you will receive small percentages on the revenue from their future NFT projects.

All with the support of MoreNFT, which will advertise and help the artist in spreading their activities through social channels. MoreNFT and the artist will therefore collaborate in developing a winning strategy to become a protagonist in the Web3 world as well.

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