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What is MoreNFT: Factory, Marketplace, and Community Economy

What is MoreNFT and what does it do? If you’re looking for this information, you’re in the right place: in this article, MoreNFT wants to summarize the project’s mission, vision, and strategy founded on the Web3 market.

What is MoreNFT: the NFT marketplace

First of all, it’s good to know what MoreNFT is: in fact, it represents a new generation of user-centered, multi-chain NFT marketplaces. The goal of the project is to make the NFT market simple and accessible to everyone, with the aim of capturing the many opportunities in this world for all. MoreNFT therefore aims to become a marketing tool for companies and artists who want to position themselves in the Web3 market.

The mission of MoreNFT

With these premises, it is clear that the mission is to establish a simple and direct connection between brands, artists, and icons, in order to develop NFT projects to overcome the limits of Web2 and optimize the new opportunities of Web3, offering new services to communities.

The vision

MoreNFT’s vision is to reinforce the concept of community economy, providing tools and knowledge to understand, use, and benefit from the change favored by Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse.

The platform: Factory, Marketplace and Community

But now we come to the substance of the project, which is the platform, which is composed of three sections: Factory, Marketplace, and Community. In an initial phase, the project will be based on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains: the smart contracts are programmed in Solidity (the Ethereum programming language) and are compatible with all Ethereum layer 2s. This will allow integration with any chain and coin that is part of the EVM, compatible with the Ethereum mainnet.


The first of the three sections of MoreNFT is the Factory, the exclusive primary market where projects and collections created by content creators, icons, and brands will be minted. It is an exclusive market, because to create collections on the Factory, you must necessarily go through a recruitment process.

In this sense, MoreNFT presents the WMW3 project, an acronym that summarizes its objective: With Me in Web3. It represents the first program aimed at all content creators who want to approach Web3 to certify their works in NFTs, with the support and tools necessary to avoid failure in the realization.

How? Artists will be able to create their own collection with their Masterpieces, or with the ten most renowned works, and receive full technical assistance, as well as an effective communication campaign to ensure the success of the project. The initiative also aims to foster the artist community’s loyalty: the purchase of a WMW3 NFT, in fact, will allow holders to interact directly with artists and obtain exclusive benefits, including:

  • Chatting in a private Discord room;
  • Voting on initiatives;
  • Receiving spoilers;
  • Obtaining exclusive giveaways;
  • And finally, even receiving a redistribution of royalties from the artist’s future activities on the Factory.

Initially, four main NFT use cases will be present on the Factory:

  • Hall of Fame (HOF): projects born from the collaboration between content creators, icons, and brands;
  • Art: unique artworks certified thanks to the Blockchain;
  • #WMW3: “With Me in Web3” is a program created by MoreNFT that targets artists who want to start operating in the Web3 market in the most effective way;
  • Ticketing: the right to participate in online and offline events and initiatives.

The MoreNFT Marketplace

But MoreNFT is not just the exclusive market of the Factory, it has also included the secondary market of resales in its project. In other words, you will not only be able to mint, but you will also be able to sell and buy NFTs present on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, whether previously minted on the Factory or present on other NFT marketplaces.

The Community

But at the center of the project is the MoreNFT community, which has the strong and clear goal of clearly expressing the vision of community economy and giving a voice to its users: these, in fact, through some gamification activities, will have the opportunity to make some important decisions for the future of the platform. How? For example, by approving new projects or electing new Brand Ambassadors.

MoreNFT and the Ambassador program

And it is precisely the Brand Ambassadors who will have an important role, because MoreNFT has launched a program with partners who have the goal of spreading the great opportunities that Web3 offers and showing how NFTs can be integrated, simply and effectively, into a mainstream market. Through the feedback they will receive during their activities, MoreNFT’s Brand Ambassadors will work together with the development team to improve the user experience. This will be through a more usable and intuitive UX, with the goal of gradually reaching mass adoption.

But for those wondering what these figures are, for Brand Ambassadors essentially mean marketing and communication agencies, influencer marketing, media, Web3 consultancy companies that, through the possession of an NFT Licensing, are authorized to represent the company outside and benefit from MoreNFT’s technological and consulting services.

All this, with the ultimate goal of serving brands, icons, and artists with a highly qualified project, making it possible to cooperate and realize projects in Web3. Want to delve into and learn about MoreNFT’s upcoming activities, developments, and projects? All you have to do is keep following this blog!




MoreNFT is a user-centered multi-chain marketplace where artists, icons and brands can develop projects that exploit the potential of NFTs.