Chapter 2: The Community & DAO

MoreNFT pursues the great goal of being a platform that wants to give its users a voice. For this reason, the team is working to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Users, through the DAO, will have the ability to make important decisions on the future of the platform, approving new initiatives/projects and electing new Brand Ambassadors (BA).

Being Brand Ambassador means becoming spokesman of MoreNFT mission and vision. Each BA can promote new projects to be included in the factory. The projects that best fit MoreNFT’s mission are selected from the team and launched in the factory. In this case the Brand Ambassador will be granted a share of the revenue from sales.

The DAO will, also, allow users to be active players in the decision-making processes of the platform, deciding the fate of the tokens allocated to the Foundation for the development and growth of the entire MoreNFT ecosystem.

In contradiction with the Factory, in which the publication of content is not free to all, in this section of the platform, users will be able to submit their creations to the judgment of the community or vote on the proposals of other users through MRN. The most voted proposal will actually become an NFT that will be launched in the Factory.

This will allow you to better transmit and transfer the vision of community economy. In this way, MRN will become a governance token necessary for the approval of the DAO’s initiatives.



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